Unfortunately the ortho tile for LEPA is incompatible with XP12 because of the water that surrounds the island. It's unflyable, full of glitches. Therefore would be much appreciated if you could get us a tile, because Malta worked out great. Thx again!

Spain in UHD already exists. I can hardly upload it here any better.


The popular summer destination would be great. Like Palma de Mallorca! Thx 😊)

Next Days Ortho for Umar. Islamabad Pakistan.

Which Ortho from Europa you want?

more ortho scenery please! Europe preferably !

What do you mean with Slcily? The Island of scilly in the south West Off GB?

great mod, thank you! Will you do the isis as well?

Thank you, I'm glad this is helping more people!

What you are referring to, if I understand correctly, is the "TAA" render resolution in FS2020. This is a setting which allows rendering at a lower resolution prior up scaling to the display resolution. There is no modern AA implementation in XP12 though, and the closest functionality is FSR instead. This is the AMD library that allows up scaling from render to display res too, minus, the "AA" part (anti-aliasing). It doesn't work the same at all, but this is the closest in terms of functionality, albeit, it also magnifies the aliasing issues unfortunately. The mod provides a settings to enable FSR and then adjust the sharpening strength, you still need to open the XP12 graphics settings should you want to change the up scaling ratio though (perf, quality, etc...).

Thanks for your Feedback! Enjoy flight over Peshawar.

Download the engines from the Link in the description and put the folders "GE Engines" and "PW Engines" into the objects-folder of your copied A330-300, then put the content from the zipfile of the Engine switcher mod into your A330-300 folder as well. Overwrite when promted.

First of all I must tell you that you have done a great job, I used this script on my last flight and you can really feel the change.

I wanted to ask you also, do you know if there is a way to make x plane render at a higher resolution? Like msfs with its render scaling. I have this problem and setting the resolution in graphics is not an option and seeing the power of lua I thought maybe I could program something that allows me to set the resolution of the textures or something similar.

It's not a file.

WIP means "Work In Progress" a.k.a it's not finished.

Fantastic Work Andreas. Would share some pictures soon. Thank you

Hello Kitcat

Thanks for Feedback. Not good to hear that. I am sorry.

I will show later what i can do. Maybe i will Upload another File whitout .dds , only .jpg. So you have do convert the .jpg into .dds .

But i have to see the upload limitiations.

Please give me a few Days.

Also sorry for my bad english. I am german speaker.

Gruß Andreas

Hi, this mod is unobtrusive and won't permanently change anything in your settings!

It consists only in changing private art datarefs at runtime, which most are also revertible at runtime via the settings window. A few of these can't though, because XP12 is using them with a varying value and once these datarefs are written to, there is no way to restore their initial state. The settings window clearly mentions which setting can't be reverted (actually it is only the first one in the list).

Andreas, sorry just not happening, just get can't open error messages. Carajos Islands opened no problem

Hello Kitcat

Add in the First File the ending ".001" .

zortho4Xp-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ001 8s Gh.7z.001

the secound File the Same way with the ending ".002" .

Gruß Andreas

These are my downloaded files zortho4Xp-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ001 8s Gh.7z and

zOrtho4XP -21+057 Mauritius 18LZ002 WCOvG.7z. What do i need to change please.

Hello Kitcat

I dont think you are stupid.

You have a programm who can decompress .7z Files?

The zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ001.7z file must be in zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ.7z.001

The zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ002.7z file must be in zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ.7z.002

Important both Fils have to bei Download. File .7z.001 is the Leaderfile.

Have you Download another Ortho from me? Have you the Same problems?

I Hope you might to decompress the File.

If Not please write again. I will see how i can modify the File for Download.

Gruß Andreas

Que des bonnes nouvelles !

Encore merci

P.S. : j'ai posté des captures dans la galerie utilisateur mais a priori l'admin demande du temps pour les valider

Andreas, I must be stupid because I still cant unzip these files. What should the renamed files look like ??

Bonjour Jean Paul

Effectivement il est développé pour Xplane 11, alors que le site est pour Xplane 12, mais je n'avais pas fait attention.

Le Super Guépard ne devrait pas tarder à rejoindre le Virus et je pense aussi adapter mon metit dernier (pou du ciel HM 293) pour Xplane 11 pour le moment et 12 plus tard car je ne l'ai pas encore acheté.

Ce sera très intéressant de voir le comportement du pou sous xplane car j'ai galéré , aidé par le pilote réel, pour mettre au point le modèle de vol dans MSFS, 2axes, pas d'ailerons, et c'est l'aile avant qui gère la profondeur!!!

A bientot pour des nouveautés


Are there any permanent changes to settings or files when using this lua script? Or can I try without risk?

Ravi de te retrouver ici Patrick

Merci de nous aider à "conserver le Virus"

Il ne nous manque plus qu'un Super Guépard pour le hangar de Michel à Til-Châtel


Jean-Paul / Lucky

P.S. : il se comporte très bien sous XP12 (mais n'apparait dans les appareils sélectionnables que si la case "Afficher les appareils des précédentes versions d'X-Plane" est cochée)

Спасибо🤝 Офигенный сценарий👍

Hello kitcat

You have to rename the files. so that the ending is: .7z.001 and .7z.002

After this you have to decompress the File with the ending .7z.001

Both Files will now decompress to one File.

Gruß Andreas

Can not unzip the Mauritius files with 7zip or winrar. What do you mean by files need a new file extension ??

Планер есть-ливреи , установленной-нет. ?????

Great stuff! Highly appreciated !!!

with many errors, the engines fail and the simulator crashes, update